Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Missing You

My genes,my blood,my daughter I'm missing you the most where inseparable, no distance can keep us apart...My life, my family, you'll always be apart of me, forever my love for my daughter will last for eternity...I'm missing you and I know you missing me, I'll always be with you every time you think of me...
My thoughts, my heart, I dream of the day when I could hold you in my arm's...My love for my daughter is unconditional but I'm scarred for life now that you are gone...So till I come home to wherever you are, if I search for you I could always find you in my heart....A special place for Kelise Samuel may u REST IN PEACE...June 20
, 2012......

1 comment:

  1. It took all day to gather enough strength to read this...Not a day goes by I always miss her and wish she was here with me and you and her sissies! I always imagine what she would be like today and I'll always love her! She was us and that's the best feeling! Even though my tears shed so fast...everyday I become stronger. She took a big piece of me with her and left a big piece of her here with all of us! She taught me how life is valuable.short.unpredictable. I love my family! I love you Kelise Elizabeth Samuel!!!